Published 31 May 2022

Canvacon® 9000E & 9000E FR


NEW Canvacon® 9000E & 9000E FR
Increased Strength, Durability & 10 Year Warranty

Manufactured in Australia under the most stringent of quality assurance practices, Canvacon® 9000E and 9000E FR has increased strength and durability, and is backed by a full 10-year (not pro-rata) warranty. 

The use of Canvacon® dates back to the late 1970’s.  With a successful and proven history of Canvacon® 5000E and 7000E over the years, the addition of higher strength and durability in our 9000E variant was only a matter of time.

Providing excellent strength-to-weight performance, high abrasion and tear resistance, and excellent welding characteristics, Canvacon® 9000E & 9000E FR will provide strong watertight seams and offers a durable, long-lasting barrier against moisture in environments that demand more.

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