Published 09 Jan 2018

400,000m sq of Premium Hortshade with Zamil Shade


In coastal regions, sea and land breezes can be important factors in a location's prevailing winds. The sea is warmed by the sun more slowly because of water's greater specific heat compared to land. As the temperature of the surface of the land rises, the land heats the air above it by conduction, which causes wind gusts. This can prove very challenging for fabric tensioned across medium-sized shade structures.

KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) customer, Zamil Shades Industries, have recognised these challenges following fabric failure in one of their medium-scale projects in Jeddah, on the red sea.

Having seen good success on other installations, Zamil have turned to Premium Hortshade Heavy as a solution to the problem. 

They are nearly half way through the 11.5m x 16.5m installation.